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What hair colour will suit my skin tone?


Fair/ Cool skin tones


People with cooler skin should always choose a colour that is neutral or cool-based. Naturigin colours that would suit this skin tone are: 10.2, 10.0, 8.1, 5.0

Medium/ Warm skin tones


People with warmer skin should pick warmer coolers especially hues of gold and copper. Naturigin colours that would suit this skin tone are: 4.6, 6.0, 6.34, 7.0, 7.4, and 10.3


Darker skin tones


People with darker skin tones should choose darker colours, anywhere from medium brown up to black. Naturigin colours that would suit this skin tone are 2.0, 2.3, 3.0, 4.0, 4.6, 5.0 and 5.3.



How do I know what skin tone I am?


There are a number of tests you can do to tell what skin tone you have. This is important not only for choosing the right hair colour but for choosing what clothes and makeup will suit you best. Always perform these tests in natural good light.


Test 1- The Vein Test


Some people like to rely on the colour of their veins: Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue/purple you are in the cool-toned (bluish) spectrum. If your veins appear green, you are in the warm-toned (yellow) spectrum. Those with neutral undertones will have difficulty discerning the blue/green colour.


Test 2- The Colour Test


Using some fabric swatches (or whatever is in your wardrobe!) Put some different coloured fabrics up against your skin. Cool skin tones will look better against white, silver, blue and black fabrics whereas warm skin tones will look better against brown, creams, orange and gold fabrics.

Question 3- Does your natural hair colour affect the outcome of a new colour, even if you are colouring over virgin hair?


We all have underlying hair pigments warm, ash, beige so the amount of underlying pigment will determine the colours outcome even on virgin hair. That's why it is important to look careful at your hair in natural light and always refer back to colour wheel.

Is there any other ways of lightning hair colour without stripping it or bleaching it at a salon?


I would not recommend stripping your colour at home. The only way to do this is by a bleaching process, this one is for the professionals!! Contact your local Natulique salon for safe natural alternatives to stripping hair colour.


There are no at home versions. However if you find your colours is too dark you can wash in a clarifying shampoo and leave on 10 minutes and rinse. You will notice a slight shift in the colour.


Its is important if you are going to colour your hair at home that you do not put colour on previously coloured hair every time. A lot of the time you only need to do the roots and colouring over colour every time will result in a much darker look.


Are our home colours suitable for permed hair, what is your advise about colouring over permed hair?


Yes Naturigin home hair colors can be used over permed hair although if you have highlights you can not perm and highlight.



 How to care for your hair once it is coloured?


It is important to keep hair well moisturized after hair coloring. Applying a Treatment once a week can help.


All forms of heating from styling tools will slightly shift hair color and make it fade faster so important to remember not to over style or use heat on the hair everyday. A heat protecting spray will help but be careful not to overdo the styling tools. (Hairdryers, ghds etc)


If you are going on a sun holiday, keep your hair protected from the sun’s bleaching rays by wearing a hat and using a shampoo with sun protection.


So there you have it, the complete guide for choosing the perfect Naturigin hair colour for you. If you have any other hair related inquiries we would love to hear them.




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