Grey Hair - All you need to know!


Why do I get grey hair?

This is a very common question that so many of us want to know the answer to! The fact is there are a number of reasons why we get greys.
So let's scrutinise grey hair...
What is grey hair?
Grey hair is actually white hair! It can look grey when it is mixed with hair that still has pigment inside. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles dies and the hair becomes transparent – which in most cases looks like the colour grey.
What causes grey hair?
Hair goes grey when melanin is no longer produced. Melanin is what gives hair its colour. This happens most commonly with age. Genetics, stress & hormones may also have an impact on the production of melanin in the body.
Does darker hair go grey quicker?
No - this is a myth! While grey hair will generally be more noticeable in darker hair due to the contrast between the white hairs & the dark hairs. The rate which hair loses its pigment is completely varied & not related to their hair colour.

Why going grey is the way forward!

Going grey is no longer just mother nature’s way of telling us we are getting older – it has also become one of the latest trends in the hair industry.
Different ways to go grey gracefully
Preventing hair from going grey simply isn’t an option. All we can do is decide how to deal with our glamorous greys.
Everyone is different and – thankfully – there are also different ways to go grey. Maybe it’s removing hair colour to go grey, or it is cutting off hair to go grey. Or maybe even colouring the entire hair a grey colour. 
If you are going to go grey without using hair colour, you can bypass the entire grow-out process by getting a short hairstyle, for example a pixie haircut. 
Benefits of transitioning to grey hair
  • No more worrying about getting your roots coloured every few months.
  • Confidence! Going grey gracefully is a beautiful change and can increase your confidence.
  • No more fights against ageing – which shouldn’t even be a fight in the first place.
  • Going grey is a perfect way to get out of the endless cycle of dyeing your hair 

Guide: how to take care of grey hair

Grey hair is prone to becoming yellow or brassy. Yellow is the last pigment to leave the hair. Therefore grey hair can look yellow pretty easily, This is due the the fact that any materials such as pollution, hard water, chlorine etc which grey hair absorbs will be very visible in white hairs.
Silver Shampoo & Conditioners will help to neutralise these brassy tones which are caused by heat styling, product build-up and environmental pollutants.
Removing as much of the materials which cause the brassiness in the first place before using Silver products is recommended for the best results. Use a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the hair of pollutants. 
Natulique have a Silver Shampoo, Silver Conditioner and a Silver Mousse. All perfect products that are great for grey, ashy and blonde hair. 
Nourish the grey locks
Grey hair needs a lot of nourishment and care, compared to non-grey hair. The best way to make your client’s grey hair look softer and healthier is to use hydrating and smoothing hair products such as our Nourishing Hair Cream and our Moroccan argan oil.
Protection from heat and the sun
Grey hair is a bit more porous, and therefore it is important to protect your  glamorous greys from heat and the sun.
Heat and sun protector from NATULIQUE is added with beneficial oils and extracts to deeply penetrate your hair shafts, hydrate the hair and protect it from the heat and sun all day.  
And there you have it! Your perfect guide to go grey gracefully.

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