Hair Loss & Finding a Solution

81% of people are concerned about hair loss.  Hair loss is a concern for people of all ages and genders and there are various causes. To find the right solution, it's important to know the cause of hair loss.
 Let's look at some of the causes of & solutions for hair loss.

The Causes


genetics and hair loss

Known as male/female-pattern baldness, this one of the most common causes of hair loss. It happens gradually and increases with age. Occurring in patterns like bald spots, a receding hairline or thinning along the crown, inherited genetics are the cause of this type of hair loss.


stress and hair loss

Stress can be a major contributor to hair loss, and can be a result of physical or emotional trauma. Stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol which has a negative impact on the hair follicle and results in hair loss. Stress related hair loss is typically temporary.

Postpartum Hair Loss

post partum hair loss

Postpartum hair loss happens to around 60% of women following pregnancy. It is caused by hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy and in the months following. These hormonal changes are temporary and so is postpartum hair loss.


nutrition for hair loss
Unhealthy diet can result in the body not getting enough of the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Vitamin deficiency and lack of protein can lead to hair loss, unhealthy follicles and weak hair strands.
 Cigarette smoke is full of toxic chemicals that cause blood vessels to shrink and block the blood circulation to the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.


medication and hair loss
Diabetes - when the body does not produce or use insulin effectively sugar builds up in the blood. Excess sugar can damage the blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the hair follicles. Less oxygen leads to a weak hair follicle, resulting in hair loss.
Alopecia Areata - an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. The hair usually falls out in small round patches and in extreme cases it can lead to complete baldness.
Medications - Hair loss is can be a side affect of some medications including chemotherapy.
Never stop taking any kind of prescriptive medications without consulting your doctor.


damaged hair and hair loss

Over processing - Hair colouring & lightening, perming and relaxing systems, straightening irons, curling tools and blow dryers can damage the hair strand and lead to hair breakage and loss.


The Solutions

Healthy Diet

It is very important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet to promote healthy scalp and hair. Some foods packed vitamins that are very beneficial for the hair are eggs, avocados, seeds, nuts, spinach, oily fish, berries, green, leafy veg and of course plenty of water.

Anti Hair Loss System

natulique hair loss system

The NATULIQUE Anti-Hair Loss system is a 3-step system;

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner

Anti-Hair Loss Serum 

The NATULIQUE Anti-Hair Loss system products help to stimulate new hair growth. The patented BioScience has been tested in a lab and the system is clinically proven.

 The Science

Advanced Scandinavian anti-hair loss BioScience combines many natural organic ingredients including Castor Oil, Certified Organic Bitter Orange Oil and Certified Organic Rosemary Oil for a powerful solution that helps to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair roots while regenerating the hair follicles.
A major cause of hair loss is attributed to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT inhibits the absorption of essential nutrients. The NATULIQUE Anti-Hair Loss System is effective in preventing the effects of DHT.

Scalp Treatments

scalp exfoliation

Regular Scalp Treatments stimulate the scalp and hair follicles keeping them strong and in healthy condition. A scalp treatment will cleanse the scalp, removing product build-up and excess oil. Nourishing ingredients will also be absorbed during a scalp treatment. This means the scalp and follicles can thrive which helps with hair growth and also prevents hair loss.

Using a scalp exfoliator can be a key step in a scalp treatment. NATULIQUE Exfoliative Scalp & Skin Therapy helps to maintain healthy scalp and skin, with key ingredients such as Urea, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract.

Scalp brushing is a great way to stimulate blood flow which is beneficial to the follicle.

Hair Replacement  

wigs for hair loss

Sometimes it may not be possible to grow the hair again naturally. If this is the case there are options such as integrated hair pieces, wigs and even hair transplant treatment. There are many choices available for all of these options, generally expensive and which require maintenance. In the case of hair transplants follicles are removed from the scalp then transplanted to the bald areas, this is expensive and can be painful.

Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle for hairloss

As hair loss can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, it is important to take severe hair loss seriously. Seek medical advice from a Doctor and never attempt to self diagnose. NEVER stop taking a prescribed medication without the instruction of your Doctor.


Our Hair Care Tips for tackling Hair Loss


  • Take care of your hair - it is the crown you wear every day.
  • Use a wide tooth comb or a detangler when brushing.
  • Hair is most delicate when wet - be gentle when drying and detangling wet air.
  • Microfibre towels are much more gentle on the hair than cotton.
  • Sleeping on a Silk pillowcase can prevent friction which on the hair and scalp.
  • Using products such as NATULIQUE Spray & Leave In Conditioner, Nourishing Hair Cream and Moroccan Argan Oil will help to detangle and moisturise the hair.
  • Using a soft scrunchie as opposed to an elastic hair tie is much gentler on the hair and avoids breakage.
  • Avoid over processing the hair with colour, perms and relaxing systems that are full of harmful chemicals. NATULIQUE has developed professional lines which are packed with natural organic ingredients to nourish the hair and scalp during processing.
  • Use heat protector when using heat styling tools. This protects the hair from damage that can lead to hair loss. NATULIQUE Heat and Sun Protector and NATURIGIN Breakage Stop Thermal Protector both give amazing heat protection to the hair.


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