Tips For Sustainable Living

It can be a little overwhelming to think about how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle. The simplest approach is to make small changes gradually.

Some ideas for simple changes:

Go paperless - opt in to paperless services to save trees and lower consumption of fossil fuels.

Reduce food waste - tonnes of food is wasted every day across the globe. This is a sad fact when so many people are hungry and starving. Create shopping lists based on meal ideas to avoid purchasing unnecessarily at the grocery store.

Shop less - the fast fashion industry uses enormous amounts of water and energy, emits huge amounts of greenhouse gasses and often burns excess material thus polluting the air.

Try to buy quality and staple wardrobe items that will last longer and are very wearable.

Thrift and Vintage clothing stores have amazing pieces and can usually be found online making it easier to shop.

sustainable living, thrift shops dublin


Reducing the habit of single-use items is a very simple way to have a positive impact.

Switch to a re-usable coffee cup and water bottle, there are so many options to choose from!

Choose re-usable grocery bags over plastic or even paper available at the checkout.

Consider trying a menstrual cup or menstrual underwear.

Aside from the fact that tampons and sanitary pads are expensive, like plastic they take hundreds of years to break down.

The waste associated with sanitary products is enormous.

sustainable living


sustainable living

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